El Chiaty Speaks on TV about Possible Solutions for Tourism Crisis in Egypt
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hamed El Chiaty, Chairman and founder of Travco Group International, spoke on TV in a round table with prominent figures and key tourism personages addressing existing problems facing the ailing tourism industry and discussing potential solutions to accelerate its recovery.

On the 19th and 20th of October, El Chiaty was interviewed by the renowned tourism writer, Mostafa El Naggar on the top rated Al Kahera Wal Nas satellite channel in two episodes of a highly anticipated program that tackled problems facing the industry and presenting solutions to expedite regaining back previous levels of inbound tourism.

El Naggar kicked off the meeting on a positive note saying that the time is now right to focus on the tourism industry and channel resources towards coming up with quick fixes for the low demand that has hit the industry a year back with the aim of putting Egypt back on the world tourism map after regaining safety and security on every aspect that the tourist encounters. 

El Chiaty shed light on the importance of increasing the promotional spent on the leading source markets especially with the new campaign recently launched by the Egyptian Tourism Authority. El Chiaty elaborated saying that the campaign has not yet created the desired outcome simply because it is not airing with the desired frequency on the channels with the highest viewership.  

El Chiaty called for a quick introduction of the new charter incentive program that is simple and easy to comprehend for it to yield the desired outcome. It has been long since the

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