Relocation of Travco Group Complete
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Travco Group, with its main subsidiary companies, has moved and has been in full operation as of1st of August, 2007. In the attempt to maximize efficiency, the Group's important departments such as Human Resources, IT, and Insurance and Central Purchasing are currently centralized and consolidated in the new Headquarters, located in Sheikh Zayed City. However, all of Travco's branch offices having immediate contact with clients remain at their current locations, including the ticketing office, which will conveniently remain open in Zamalek to smooth the progress of dealing with customers. Additionally, the Travco Properties sales office will also remain in Zamalek at Mohamed Mazhar Street.

With the completion of the planned schedule of relocation, Travco announces the change of its contact information with further details enclosed in the contact sheet of this newsletter. Currently, direct numbers are offered to all of Travco staff to facilitate communication. The extension number of each employee is to be added to the first four digits of Travco headquarters' phone number.

Travco Center Contact Information is as follows:

26th July Corridor, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

Short Number:16161

Tel: 202-3854-1111

Fax: 202-3854-1099



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