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Travco Portfolio

Travco Group owns and operates the largest number of hotels, resorts and cruises in the Middle East and Europe comprising more than 170 hospitality venues worldwide with an ever growing portfolio and optimistic expansion plans including more than 28 hotel properties worldwide.

Internationally, the group's association with Steigenberger Hotels AG extended the group's coverage to Europe with 98 prime hotel properties including 14 new hotels at different stages of planning and development.

In the Middle East, Jaz Hotels, Resorts and Cruises, one of Travco Group's hospitality companies, encompasses nearly 50 hotels and resorts in the Middle East, with more to be inaugurated in the near future. Additionally, Travco Owns and manages the largest and most sophisticated fleet of 21 Nile Cruises in Egypt, with more underway.

Travco Travel, the group's back bone, has been the number one travel company in the Middle East for 17 years, with more than one million incoming tourists annually. Building on its soaring success, in the hospitality and travel sectors, Travco Group has delved into property development, airline, and retail industries, permeating every facet of the tourism industry, leaving its footprints in each of its sectors and founding its unique fully integrated business model.a