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The arrival of the first flight connecting between Cairo & Aqaba airports

The General Manager of Travco Holidays company “Moataz Sedky”, declared that the company has celebrated the arrival of the first flight connecting between Cairo & Aqaba airports, in collaboration with “PAS” for gas services, explaining that a weekly flight will be directed every Friday at 1 pm, to Cairo on board the unique aircraft of model CRJ 900, and with a capacity of 89 chairs, & this flight takes about 45 minutes to reach Aqaba’s airport. 

In his special declarations to “Tourism daily news”, he added that the new line aims to enrich & activate the tourism in the Arab zone, especially between Egypt & Jordan, pointing to that this line will mainly contribute in attracting tourists & support diverse types of tourism across the zone. 

 The general manager of Travco Holidays continued saying that this line targets linking Taba & Amman together, which will work on facilitating the arrival of tourists to Egypt in return, confirming that there will be continuous cooperation between Egypt & Jordan from now on.

“Sedky” resumed saying that they have communicated with the Jordanian authorities a year & a half ago, and offered a variety of tourist programs, clarifying that the trip enjoys many advantages, one of them is its affordable cost, as the ticket is for 1600 EGP, in addition to the eligibility of the passengers to accompany extra baggage, as the weight of allowed baggage reaches 30 kilograms. 

Regarding the accommodation, “Moataz” explained that they have already cooperated with a number of affordable hotels for the Arab & regular aviation, clarifying that there is an intention to hold workshops & partnerships with Jordanian travel agencies, & that it is already well planned for both.