Travco Group


Travco's Strict Measures for Returning Operations

Jaz Hotel Group (JHG) has undergone great measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all its guests and staff. Our group is working hand-in-hand with international hygiene and safety experts to implement the prevention of the spread of infection system (POSI). This includes the full disinfection of our hotels: all facilities, rooms, halls, banquettes, etc. Moreover, our hotels adhere to the international protocols of crisis management, dealing with infected persons, as well as, obtaining all required equipment to assure guests and staff members are well-taken care off. Click here for more details on our comprehensive tool kit.  

The presence of COVID-19 has drastically affected every sector of the tourism industry in Egypt. Being such a vital part of Egypt's economy, the government has taken measures and set guidelines to aid the tourism industry in coping with the setbacks brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following official guidelines, Travco Travel has developed and will continue to update a strict health and safety protocol to all of the group's operated hotels.

In addition, all excursions and trips organized from our side will follow the optimal safety regulations. Our tour guides and staff members are committed to maintaining the safest and highest levels of service.