Travco Group


Travco's Transportation Regulations

The group has taken the necessary steps throughout the travelers' journey to ensure they have safe travel experience. With transportation playing a major role in the travelers' experience, Travco has placed a great deal of importance in updating its transportation services. Through many discussions with health officials and ministries, Travco has set guidelines in which all of its transportation services will operate in. 

Committing to a few minor adjustments, the group managed to create a safe transportation experience for its guests and employees including drivers, tour guides, and tour operators. The key highlights of the adjustments are: 

  1. The frequent sterilization of the entire vehicle.
  2. The number of employees required to join guests in their commute will remain at a minimum and will adhere to the approved hygiene and safety instructions.  
  3. Any passenger to enter our vehicles must be wearing a face mask. 
  4. Hand-sanitizing dispensers will be fitted to every major transport vehicle and passengers are required to use them as soon as they enter.  
  5. Riders are required to follow the social distancing protocol throughout the journey.