Travco Group


Osama Bushra

Vice Chairman of Travco Group Holding S.A.E. since February 2015 and has served as Chief Operating Officer for the travel network of Travco Group in the Middle East prior to that reaping over three decades of experience in the travel and tourism field.

Mr. Bushra oversees the regional travel companies’ with the aim of building and bolstering relationships with strategic travel partners and leading tour operators around the globe.  In the position of Chief Operating Officer of Travco, in the Middle East, Mr. Bushra has significantly contributed to the travel companies’ regional growth over the years.

In his regional role, Mr. Bushra’s main focus is to establish new business projects in the GCC with set targets including establishing corporate entities within the Jebel Ali Free Zone and DMCCA. His skills and knowledge of the industry will contribute to reaching untapped markets, understand their needs and identify new opportunities. After successfully starting up and strongly establishing the presence of Travco in the UAE, he is now overseeing the entire travel division in Dubai, Egypt, Oman, and Jordan.

Mr. Bushra is an active member of the Travel and Tourism Professional Group, founded by the Government of Dubai’s Department of Tourism Commerce Marketing (DTCM) since 1999. He was recognized by the DTCM for his remarkable contribution in enhancing the tourism industry and the “Travel and Tourism Professional Group”, formed by the Government of Dubai.