Travco Group



Holds the role of Vice Chairman of Travco Group International Holding and Chairman of the Board of Travco Properties as of January 2017.

With more than 35 years of extensive involvement in the finance field, Mr. Abdel Latif brings with him a long and successful track record overseeing prominent organizations’ and driving their strategies and commercial operations. His professional history is also marked by the successful restructuring of financial institutions and banks.

Being the Vice Chairman of Bayt El Khebra, a lead Egyptian financier, he has provided consultancy and advisory services to a number of industries, assisting major companies to achieve their growth and profitability targets.

After 25 years with CitiBank and JP Morgan Chase as an international staff, he became the Chairman & CEO of Bank of Alexandria, and in charge of its organizational restructuring since its privatization and further until putting it in line with its international peers.

Same accomplished in the restructuring of the Egyptian American Bank EAB leading to the successful sale of 80% of its stake to Credit Agricole. He was able to streamline costs, improve bottom-line performance and advance the overall performance.

Mr. Abdel Latif’s experience, knowledge, innovative approach, and result oriented attitude are significant contributors to the planned growth and continued success of Travco Group International.