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Discover Nile Cruises: A Legacy of Luxury

In the year 1986, our journey through the enchanting waters of the Egyptian Nile began, marking the inception of a remarkable odyssey in the Egyptian market. Over the years, we have meticulously curated an impressive fleet of 26 illustrious cruise ships, each bearing the hallmark of excellence. Among these distinguished vessels, you will find renowned brands such as Jaz Cruises, Steigenberger Cruises, and Iberotel Cruises.

 Within our fleet, we proudly present two opulent Dahabeyat, named "Yakouta" and "Molouky." These vessels epitomize the pinnacle of regal luxury, designed and furnished to the most exact standards. Aboard each Dahabeya, discerning travelers are welcomed into six spacious and lavishly appointed luxury suites, replete with modern amenities.

In a testament to our commitment to continuous refinement and expansion, we are delighted to announce the latest additions to our fleet, Farouz El Nil I, II, and III Dahabeyat, set to grace the Nile's waters starting in September 2023. These elegant vessels feature six deluxe cabins, boasting expansive panoramic windows spanning 15 to 16 square meters. Adorned with wood-paneled cabins, they seamlessly blend oriental opulence with contemporary comforts.

Alongside the elegant vessels Farouz El Nil Dahabeyat, Jaz Cruises is set to launch three new captivating voyage experiences: Jaz Al Horeya, Jaz Gloria, and Jaz Ghalia. These exceptional additions to our fleet will elevate your voyage to new heights of luxury and adventure, inviting you to explore the timeless wonders of the Nile in unparalleled style and comfort 

At Travco Group, we take immense pride in crafting journeys that astonish and rejuvenate. Our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier services ensures that every voyage is a resplendent experience. Each of our cruise ships is a masterpiece in its own right, catering to a spectrum of desires and boasting the highest standards for live-aboard excursions. The majority of our fleet holds a prestigious 5-star deluxe rating, and we offer a range of itineraries, spanning three, four, or seven nights. 

Our Nile cruises beckon with the promise of timeless exploration and luxury.

Luxor to Aswan

Aswan to Luxor

Aswan to Abu Simbel

Cairo to Aswan


Jaz Cruises:

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure every voyage holds profound significance. Within our fleet of 11 Jaz Cruises, we orchestrate journeys that seamlessly blend exhilaration with relaxation, granting you the opportunity to delve into Egypt's storied historical treasures while savoring the captivating beauty of its pristine riverbanks. Our paramount goal is to craft enduring memories that will forever resonate in your heart.

Steigenberger Cruises

Invites you to embark on your dream sailing holiday amidst a splendid selection of six luxurious vessels. Elevate your journey into an unforgettable adventure as you immerse yourself in unparalleled quality and regal accommodations while traversing the enchanting routes of Luxor, Aswan, and Lake Nasser.

 Iberotel Cruises 

Exceed your widest expectations with a brand formed to pioneer new trends in the cruising market. Enjoy any of our four elegant floating hotels on the Nile in Luxor and Aswan. Iberotel is a well-established product; providing high levels of service, solid hospitality, expertise, and well-trained employees.

Molouky & Yakouta

The Molouky and Yakouta are both pleasant renditions of the Dahabeyat of the past yet with a delicate modern touch. Luxurious wood against the wart of a beige tint and cultural photographs decorate the vessel. Six opulent suites and two decks, powered by the best culinary experience at our lounge bar and restaurant, make the Dahabeya a veritable floating palace.

Farouz El Nil Dahabeyat

We take great pride in introducing the latest enhancements to our fleet, Farouz El Nil Dahabeyat, along with its companions: Farouz El Nil I, II, and III, all set to join our ranks starting September 2023. 

These Dahabeyat boast six deluxe cabins, each graced with expansive panoramic windows spanning from 15 to 16 square meters. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these vessels showcase a harmonious fusion of oriental elegance and contemporary sophistication, embodied by their wood-paneled cabins.

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